About Urban Safari Cattery


For thousands of years people have revered the wild cat for its physical beauty, graceful strength, power and mystique. There is nothing as adorable as an exotic cub, however, these cubs grow into full size exotic cats and its simply not practical to have a pure exotic in the common household. The goal of our breeding program is to produce the exotic look of the wild cat with the gentle nature of the domestic. Breeding Bengals and Savannahs is not a business for us, it is a passion. It is about a love for the breed, understanding the genetics, physiology, and temperament. It is about a sense of satisfaction of creating a certain look within each individual cat. Most of all, though, it is about nurturing a litter of kittens then seeing the joy they bring into people's lives.

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Photo by Helmi Flick

Welcome to URBAN SAFARI Cattery. We are located in the beautiful piney woods of East Texas. The goal of our Bengal and Savannah breeding program is to produce kittens with the exotic look of the wild cat and gentle, yet spirited nature of the domestic. Our cats and kittens are raised from day one with constant human interaction, love, optimum nutrition, and top quality veterinary care. We invite you to read through our website as we have spent a lot of time developing the information and happily share this information with you. We want to make your Bengal or Savannah purchase a pleasant experience. ... We are easy to work with, our contract is simple and straight forward, and our prices are reasonable. Enjoy your tour. Bengal cats, Bengal kittens, Bengal kittens for sale, Bengal cats for sale, Savannah cats, Savannah kittens, Savannah cats for sale, Savannah kittens for sale, Bengal and Savannah kittens for sale.