Urban Safari Cattery

We have an in-home climate controlled nursery wing in order to provide a safe, exploratory environment for juveniles, moms, and babies.

An efficient work space provides storage for grooming supplies, food, vitamins, and health care products. We have a small lab for routine health checks between vet visits.

Private birthing rooms are provided for our queens to give birth. Kittens stay in the birthing rooms until they are 6 weeks of age when they are immunized.

A safe, secure outdoor exercise pen is accessible through a kitty door in the nursery room. Kittens get to venture outdoors once they are of appropriate age.

Our boys studs have their own climate controlled indoor-outdoor bachelor pads with large, outdoor exercise yards, climbing rocks, and fountains, exercise wheels, scraching logs, and climbing trees for entertainment.Exercise yards are designed and landscaped to provide a natural environment for our cats. Satellite video and audio monitoring allow us to observe at all time via the internet.