The purpose of this contract is to protect both the seller and the buyer by clearly defining the agreements, in their entirety, about the sale of the kitten. I expect the buyer to understand and accept the responsibilities in which they place themselves when choosing to purchase a living, breathing animal and to recognize they are purchasing a creature that is unique unto itself . I also expect my buyers to educate themselves about the breed and to make an informed, intelligent purchase decision.

DEPOSITS & PAYMENTS: A $500 deposit is required to hold a specific cat for Buyer. Our goal is to place kittens in homes in a timely manner so they may bond with their new family. A change of mind can jeopardize the chance of that particular kitten to be placed in a home while they are still of a desirable age, therefore, deposits are non-refundable unless Seller canot provide cat as described above, in which case, the deposit will be refunded to the Buyer. Payment in full must be made before cat can leave Seller's home. Deposits can be made through paypal, check, or cash. Balance of purchase price must be made with cashiers check, money order, or cash. Seller reserves the right to cancel sale at any time prior to cat leaving possession of Seller.

AGREEMENTS: Buyer understands this cat is a living, breathing creature and ownership of said cat is a serious committment not to be taken lightly. Buyer acknowledges they are taking on the responsibility of a live animal that has been created through planned selection, but that, as a unique being never to be replicated again, may present behavioral and/or health issues during its lifetime which the breeder cannot control nor be held responsible. Buyer agrees to take good care of this cat and to provide ALL it's financial and emotional needs for the rest of it's life. Buyer understands this cat has been kept in optimum environment for socialization and development and agrees to follow recommendations provided at time of transfer for diet, litter training, and transition. Buyer agrees this cat will not be exposed to other animals for a minimum of 10 days. Due to environmental factors out of Seller's control, behavioral issues do not serve as reasons for replacement. Buyer assumes responsibility of ALL expenses incurred in relation to the cat after said cat leaves the possession of the Seller. Buyer agrees this cat is being purchased as a pet only and must never be bred. If not spayed/neutered before leaving Sellers home, Buyer must have cat altered in accordance with Sterilization Agreement.

STERILIZATION AGREEMENT: Buyer agrees that this cat is being purchased as a pet only and will not produce a litter of kittens either purposely bred or by accidental breeding . Buyer agrees to have this cat surgically sterilized and provide Seller with veterinary verification of sterilization no later than six months of age. For identification purposes, verification of sterilization must include owners name, name of cat, color, breed, date of birth, sex, and microchip. Seller agrees to deliver the cat's registration papers to Buyer within thirty days of valid notification of veterinary sterilization. Buyer agrees failure to comply with this agreement by the time cat reaches 6 months of age constitutes the sale of a breeding animal and Buyer will owe Seller an additional sum of $8000 plus any associated collection costs IMMEDIATELY due and payable. .

LIMITED HEALTH WARRANTY: I, the Seller, have made every effort to provide you with a healthy kitten and guarantee that vaccinations and health care have been given as stated on the provided health record. To the best of my knowledge and that of my veterinarian, this kitten is of sound health and free from life threatening conditions at time of sale. It is Buyers responsibility to have cat examined by their own veterinarian (at Buyers expense) within three days of taking possession to confirm health of said cat . If cat is found to be of unsound health it must be reported to Seller immediately with confirmation from veterinarian. If diagnosed with a life threatening condition steps will be taken to provide for the return of the cat. Upon the return of the cat, a replacement of equal value will be provided as soon as nature permits . Failure to have cat examined within three days renders all health warranties null and void and releases Seller from all obligations with regard to future health of said cat. Failure to isolate cat from other animals for a minimum of ten days renders all health warranties null and void. Although unfortunate, viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections diagnosed after the three day limited health warranty period has expired do not qualify for replacement due to the fact that these can be contracted from the environment after leaving Seller's home.

GENETIC HEALTH WARRANTY: Seller guarantees this cat against life threatening congenital defects that may not be apparent at an early age for one year. Should the cat die as a result of a congenital defect within the first year of it's life, the cat will be replaced with another of equal value as soon as nature permits. Replacement is contingent upon a certified necropsy report in case of demise.

It is Buyer's responsibility to provide immediate veterinary care to any cat showing signs of illness or distress and failure to do so will render this health guarantee null and void.

LIABILITY LIMITS: Liability of Seller is limited to replacement of cat only under circumstances provided in the Health Warranties. There shall be no monetary refunds of purchase price, delivery/shipping charges, or veterinary expenses . Any costs incurred for veterinary charges or costs for return of cat are considered an assumable risk on the part of the Buyer and are not open for recompense. All liability expires when the cat reaches one year of age.

THE FINE PRINT: Although there are no plans at present to discontinue the breeding program, the above warranties are only valid as long as the Seller is breeding said cats. If, for any reason, Seller is no longer breeding said cats, this contract becomes null and void. If, at any time, a difference of opinion arises between Buyer and Seller, Buyer agrees all information shall be considered confidential and if information is transmitted, disclosed, or distributed without prior written consent of the Seller, Buyer will be held liable for damages and will owe Seller the sum of $10,000 plus any associated costs and legal fees that may result IMMEDIATELY due and payable. The jurisdiction of this contract and all legal issues that may arise will be at Buyers expense and in Harrison County, Texas. Buyer agrees any judgement obtained is enforceable within the jurisdiction in which they reside.

You, the Buyer, acknowledge you have inspected and examined the cat ( in person or by proxy) for overall health and condition prior to final payment being made. By taking possession of the cat, you acknowledge and agree that you did not observe any health concerns, and that the cat appeared healthy, well nourished, and properly socialized.

Your signature below acknowledges you understand and accept the responsibilities and risks associated with choosing to purchase a live animal , and AGREE TO ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS CONTRACT.

Please Note: It is the responsibility of any interested party to determine the laws and regulations in your city, county and state regarding the private ownership of Bengals and Savannahs. Please check with your Fish & Wildlife, Natural resources or Animal control departments to find your local regulations.