Urban Safari Cattery Testimonials

We love to hear how our babies are getting along with their new families and enjoy receiving photos as they grow. We are pleased to share a few letters we have received from happy families.

Aries Rising comes to us from Teresa Redding of Urban Safari Bengals. Many breeders thank the person they got a kitten from, but to me, this was very special and Teresa showed amazing generosity, honesty and friendship unlike anything I have yet seen in the cat fancy. She set the example and set the bar very high. This kitten is not only beautiful but a wonderful example of the breed. And the temperament and socialization is very literally unsurpassed. I believed I had a socialization program that was pretty darn good. I was taught that I could do better still by the effort shown with this girl for us. I cannot thank her enough for Ari. This girl is an example that we should all strive for in appearance as well as temperament. She has a beautiful profile, a nice rounded head from her back skull doming all the way through to the profile. A nice wide muzzle, beautiful goggles around her very nice set eyes. A very light, near white belly. Small rounded ears and a nice thick tail. This girl came to us full of purr, head butting us and completely fearless and outgoing. I cant begin to share how difficult it will be to wait so we can see what she will bring to our breeding program. What a joy.

Wow it has been a interesting last month. Benny (now) has come out of his shell. He rules the roost and chooses the kitchen table to oversee his domain. He grabs everything and takes it to his headquarters upstairs. He and Bugs the other big male are quite the buddies. They roll around the floor like two wrestlers. He is just wonderful in every way.

Hi Teresa, Both of the boys went to the vet Tuesday Sept. 8th for their checkup. Both were excellent condition, Ruffie (the savannah), had gained a little over a pound, and Tumble (the Bengal) gained 5 ounces. All in all, eating well, playing constantly and have totally stolen our hearts. They get along with my females well. Oh, my gosh, Ruffie gives lip kisses every chance he gets. We are totally totally in love with them both but Ruffie has everyone around whipped into shape now, and has this little Im a tough guy, baby lion walk that is so stinkin cute. He is a little pistol, solid as a rock, but oh, such a lover boy lap kitty!. My big tough cowboy husband has been seen cuddling with him!

Hi teresa, This baby savannah has adopted kim as her new mother and follows her everywhere. She is the sweetist and cutest kitten weve ever seen and is now totally content and owns our house. I never thought id see kim so attatched to another kitty since our first pet kitten that adopted us and was with us for 17 yrs. Our new baby has an oustanding personality and plays super hard until she poops out and wants kim to hold her and gently tries to nurse kims arm. Talk about bonding! You are the best at what you do and your kittens are just awesome. This baby far surpasses our expectations. We will see u soon to pick up our new playmate for Katie. again what a joy. Regards joe and kim and dylan davis

Vegas is doing great and is funny to watch when he throw's the toy's around and run's after them, he fetches and throws for himself, he's soooo cute.what can I say about Vegas he's so cute when he gets up from his nap's he sneaks around very low to the ground to see who all is around, when he smell's food he come's a running and he literally stand's on his back leg's stretch's his head as far in the air as it will go with out him tipping over. He bolt's around the house like a jet and steal's my stuffed animals, steal's my dog's blanket. His coat is the softest thing to touch,. He has 3 litter boxes and uses them all he's very neat and clean, love's fresh cold water,not warm, he does'nt scratch his nails on any thing except his post, once in a while our leg's HaHa. He is the best little guy I have ever had and the most beautiful little jungle boy I've had the pleasure to actually see. He's amazing, I am amazed at his presence and how well he has adjusted. We just love this little guy.

Hi Teresa, I just wanted to send a couple of pictures of Carmen taken last night. MY plan was to get the bed stripped and clean sheets put on...HERS however was not. I hide her teaser toy in the night table drawer, a drawer I have since learned she can easily open. She grabbed the toy and set it on the bed. Time to play. Carmen has some of the cutest quirks I have ever seen in a kitten. She squeals instead of meowing, she purrs so loud I'm afraid she going to go air born. She does this body slam thing I haven't been able to "seefor myself as she does it too quickly. She runs at me and throws her whole body at me, then is gone in an instant. She is fussy about smells. Teresa warned me of the toothpaste one (don't brush then kiss) but she also doesn't like spicy food smells, although she MUST smell everything before I eat it. She likes the smell of coffee, sweets and meats (of course). She eats ANYTHING I put in front of her, she has never been fussy. Having Carmen with me has been an adventure. She gets along great with all the dogs, the other cats and isn't shy with new people. She came to me a sweet, sweet girl and is that to this day. Well,better go I hear her and the puppy getting into something. Take, care. Patty Zimmerman

"Marlin" is doing excellent! He just spent the first night last night curled up next to me purring. He has the house now when I'm home, but still locking him up in his room when go and had been at night, but last night he slept with me.He gets along great with the dogs and is so much like one of them.... He's one of the pack now. I don't think the dogs realize yet that he ill get much bigger than them!!Eating good and using the litterbox like a champ.

Hi Teresa I just wanted to thank you for our wonderful Chester. He is doing so well. He's really playful loves his toys we bought him, eats plenty and he uses his litter box after playing in there for a minute. He loves his cat tree. This is were he feels safe and he has a litle bed high on the tree. He absolutely hates the bath room since day one so we let him stay in the bedroom. He loves to be rubbed and he rubs himself against my face. He blows us away. Thanks again. Ill send pictures soon. Best Regards, Enrique and family.

I just thought that I would send an update about Seti and Isis. They are both doing well, and we love them very much. Seti is growing and adores to eat the quail. He likes nothing better than to be carried around like a little baby. He is very vocal and itís somewhere between a chirp and a Siamese meow (and we encourage him all the time). He loves to sleep on Jeff and I, is very affectionate, loves to wind himself around our legs and rub up against us. Isis is such a sweet little girl, she is the home greeter, as she checks out everyone who come in to the house. She is less vocal, but when she is happy she trills. She has the sweetest little sounds. She prefers to sleep in a lap, or on our legs. Isis is in love with our grouchy cat and tries to make friends. I think that she has wormed her way in to his heart. I love them both, the company, the entertainment and the affection.Regards,Karis

Bill and I love our kitten so very much. She's an absolute angel. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Just wanted to let you know that Java is making great strides in her new home.. She loves to watch me getting ready in the morning! She is already enjoying sitting in our laps and being rubbed all over, including her tummy. I am really surprised at that one! She listens to our other animals from a distance and seems quite interested. By this weekend, we might start some slow introductions. She is so beautiful and darling and fascinating to watch. Thank you again for breeding such a lovely girl. Enjoyed your new website. Will keep in touch....Nancy

Spike is getting big. He is very playful. He is alot of fun. We are very much enjoying him.,Thanks,-Danielle

I just got your postcard in the mail and am excited that you're checking in on the little girl. She's just doing awesome, and she's really smart, too.She's started playing fetch with us and has figured out how to get placesshe's not quite big enough to jump to. She hangs around Piper CONSTANTLY,so much so that we call the two cats together "McPiper".She's funny when she plays; she likes to ambush the other cats, jump ontheir backs, and grab them around their necks! She turned over the toy boxthe other day to take better inventory of what was in there, and overall,I'd say she's adjusted very, very well. She's starting to sleep with mesome, but mainly she's glued to Piper. Take care, girl-Julie

We wanted to let you know that he (Chompers) is settling in well. We want to thank you because he is a wonderful addition to our family. He is beautiful isn't he? We treat him like a child..he's so incredibly spoiled. He is so active that he's even gotten our coach potato older cat, running around like she was a kitten again. The savannah kitten's name is Chompers and he's more than we could have asked for. . I've attached some pictures below.

.......wanted to let you know we made it home, Hershey is doing great. Played all the way home with the teaser. Thanks so much for showing us around and for our care package, the brownies were great!!! He is settling into his room just fine, and so playful already, the kids really love him................................. Here are a few pictures of Hershey in his new home. Some of the pics are him playing with our Yorkie, Mazie. They really seem to enjoy each others company.Just wanted to let you know that Hershey is doing great, he's so playful, runs from one end of the house to the other. We could not be happier with him. Even my Dad who is not a cat person loves him. At times he acts alot like a dog, he'll try to pick up my glass of tea and walk off with it. Also wanted to let you know that our vet really bragged on his excellent health, said he was awesome. I'll send some more pics as he gets a little older.

Our little guy was wonderful. His new name is...Jujukats Kenya Pride, or, Kenya. We had so much fun playing with him Sat night in the motel and he didn't make a peep in the bathroom all night. We discovered he was saving it for Sunday in the car !!! HaHa! He was not thrilled with the first 1 1/2 hours, but did sleep on and off for the journey. We could definitely sympathize with his plight, poor little guy. When we arrived home we put him in his new 'guest room'. About ten minutes later, when I unloaded and brought in the litter box, I took the attached pic of him. SO adorable. He's done great today. I bought some rattle toys and soft balls (as Pat says, A.M. and P.M toys), so he's been playing away. I'll hear thumps and it's Kenya playing with a ball in the bathtub. I'll go in a visit every couple of hours and he's all over me, headbutting and chewing hair. He's very much a member of