Bengal & Savannah Cat Purchase Information


  • Bengal kitten price $1500-$3000
  • F4 Savannah kitten price $2500-$4000
  • F3 Savannah kitten price $3000-$4500
  • F2 Savannah kitten price $5000-$7500

Prices quoted are for pets only (not for breeding). Kittens may sometimes be priced out of quoted price range depending upon quality.

Please read here for ADDTIONAL PRICING INFORMATION . If sincerely interested in a kitten, please send us an email or GIVE ME A CALL/TEXT 903-407-0406 for details. Included in the price of your kitten:

  • ~ Health records documenting age appropriate immunizations and parasite preventatives
  • ~ Parasite screening
  • ~ FeLV/FIV test
  • ~ Spay/Neuter records (if applicable)
  • ~ Pedigree and registration documents
  • ~ Microchip
  • ~ Sales Agreement/Health Warranty and a lifetime of support
  • OWNING A BENGAL OR SAVANNAH KITTEN IS A SERIOUS COMMITTMENT NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY. The HIGH QUALITY Bengal and Savannah kittens we offer for sale are lovingly raised as part of our family. This means, of course, that we want to place them in a home worthy of them. The people I'm looking for as owners of my kittens will not be thinking of them as " just a pet" but as valued companions and family members. We want to make your Bengal or Savannah kitten purchase a pleasant experience....we are easy to work with, our contract is simple and straight forward, and our prices are reasonable.

    Healthy cats are happy cats! Health, temperament, and conformation to breed standards are the primary goals of our TICA registered cattery. How do we do produce healthy, happy cats? Human interaction, love, and top quality veterinary care are provided from the first day of your kittens life. When choosing the parents to be of your baby kitten, we pay close attention to genetics, champion line pedigrees, and conformation to the Bengal and Savannah breed standards. We go to great lengths to select parents that are not only beautiful but are genetically healthy and social thus will pass these desirable traits onto their offspring.


    1. I am sure you, as with most people, fell in love with the fantastic patterns, outstanding color, and exotic look of these cats. They are, indeed, beautiful to behold but there is SO much more consider. It is my job, as a responsible breeder, to educate my buyers and make sure they know what to expect once they get this pretty cat home. Many want a cat that will sit around like a couch potato , looking pretty. If this is what you are looking for then this is the WRONG breed for you. Bengals and Savannahs want interaction. They are not happy just sitting around waiting for petting. The Bengal cat and the Savannah cat are energetic, extremely intelligent, curious, friendly, loyal, devoted, busybody cats. They will play in the sink, steal your pens/pencils or anything sparkly, sit on the tops of your doors and sneak into your cabinets, follow you around like a puppy, want to spend every waking minute with you, play in your laundry, meow when they want something, and will sometimes turn your home into a race course . They require toys, fuzzy mice, glitter balls, wadded up paper, climbing trees , cardboard boxes, and MOST IMPORTANT, someone who is willing to invest the time and effort it takes to make sure that the interaction is continuous and ongoing so EVERYONE in the home benefits from the new furry family member. These cats have amazing personalities, and given the correct environment, stimulation, and care, will make the most extraordinary pet you will ever own.
    2. Please tour our website. If you are sincerely interested in purchasing a kitten and are ready to accept the responsibilities associated with owning a Bengal and/or a Savannah cat the first step is send us an email or GIVE US A CALL 903-407-0406. Please be aware that several people may be interested in one particular kitten. In order to avoid disappointment, if you are sincerely interested in a kitten, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible so you can place a $500 NON - REFUNDABLE deposit to reserve the kitten of your choice.
    3. After your selection is made and deposit is placed with us, we will arrange a time for you to visit your selected kitten ( please see visitation policy below). We will do our best to accommodate your schedule but please understand that we are a HOBBY breeder and our cattery is also our family home. We want to make sure you get the “one on one” time you want, with your new kitten, but please remember there may be other adoptee(s) also visiting at different times that same day and we want to keep the stress to a minimum in the cattery’s nursery. For those who cannot visit, don’t worry, we will do our best to provide bi-weekly photos and/or videos of your reserved kitten, so you can see their progress.
    4. Next comes PATIENCE while waiting for your kitten to go home which is normally around 12 weeks of age. Most kittens, by this time have received a solid foundation for socialization cues AND their immune system is mature enough to handle the changes of relocating, however, we must all understand each kitten is unique. In order to insure each kitten's health, we will not release it until we are confident it is in optimum condition. Some may develop at a slightly slower rate than others and we simply cannot rush Mother Nature. We will keep you informed of your kitten's progress and development with emails and photos (as time allows).
    5. As time approaches, we will work together to prepare for the arrival of your new Bengal or Savannah kitten. We will provide you with a CARE SHEET and a list of things you will need to help you welcome your kitten into its new home. At any time during or after the purchase process, we are contactable 24/7 should any issues arise. We are there to provide you the support you need. You are encouraged to contact us even with issues which seem insignificant, you have now become one of our Bengal and Savannah family.
    6. If you are unable to pick up your kitten at our cattery, we can arrange shipping/delivery arrangements with United Airlines Pet Safe program or we put you in contact with a " pet nanny" courier service.

      Please understand that this is our family home. We are not a pet shop or retail business that is open to the public. Visits are limited to those seriously interested in purchasing a kitten and by appointment only. Please understand that young kittens are fragile and mother cats can be VERY protective. In order to keep stress at a minimum we kindly ask if you are planning on bringing your child with you, please teach your little ones to be respectful of our cats/kittens and of our home/cattery.

      Our kittens are reserved quickly so we encourage you to get on our WAITING LIST. Buyers on our waiting list have priority on choosing from available kittens. We do not "hold" kittens without a deposit. As an added convenience for our buyers we will accept deposit payments through paypal. Balance of purchase price can be paid with cash, bank/cashiers check, or PayPal. Balances paid with cash will receive a 3% discount.

      We accept payments through PAYPAL as a convenience for our buyers.



      We are registered with and have been awarded "Cattery of Excellence" by The International Cat Association . We abide by the TICA Code of Ethics for breeders.

      Please Note: ALL of our cats and kittens are registered with THE INTERNATIONAL CAT ASSOCIATION ( TICA ), a domestic cat registering body. Our cats are purebred domestic cats. However, it is the responsibility of any interested party to determine the laws and regulations in your city, county and state regarding the private ownership of Bengals and Savannahs. Please check for your state regulations at : Hybrid Law.